By Tori Seals


Life has several challenges, twists, and turns. These challenges can either empower us to grow or burden us. I have found that what we say about challenges can determine the outcome.  
What we say impacts us emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Our words are so powerful that we can make ourselves sick by talking negatively. 
Do you see how powerful we are? Imagine if we would speak highly about our situations, even if we are fearful, doubting, ashamed, intimidated. Imagine how our situations would turn out? Even if the situation did not turn out in our favor, we are still able to move forward encouraged due to the words and beliefs we instilled in ourselves. 
Life can either turn you sour or fill you with love depending on what you choose to say to yourself. Focus on growing your internal power, manifesting glory, and love in your life. 
You have a choice to live in love now or fill your heart with negativity and live in sorrow. 

What do you choose? 

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