By Tori Seals

Let’s Change our Walk


What’s one thing that you did in 2018 that you do not want to continue in 2019? 


Mine would be the lack of gratitude I showed God and myself. You may wonder why I said myself. I said myself, because I certainly did not take the time to acknowledge my accomplishments. I tend to not pause and relish in the moment, I often continue onto the next milestone or the next degree. It is certainly not a great thing to do mentally, nor emotionally. In 2019 I choose to alter my walk and relish in my accomplishments, and also acknowledge that I am more than what I choose to accomplish, my sole being is worthy of being relished or acknowledged, period. 


I also chose to change my lack of gratitude due to how I was treating God. God has blessed me tremendously and I tend to look past it. How dare me, right? God is like “Girl! If you don’t chill out and be happy about what you have. Be happy about what you’ve been blessed with and stop looking at the next thing.” 


I am choosing not to continue living my life by the next accomplishment and bypassing the goodness I’ve currently achieved and possess. I am freeing myself from this unending bondage and it’s exhilarating. 


What will you free yourself from? What are you changing this year? Be honest with yourself. 


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