Free Consultation

  • 15 minute session – Free
 I would love to meet with you virtually to hear more about your desires for therapy and to ensure we are a good fit. 


  • 60 minute session – $130

Online therapy, also known as teletherapy, is a growing field. I provide psychological counseling and support over the internet through video conferencing and phone call.

Couples Therapy

  • 60 minute session – $145
Having a harmonious relationship takes time and consistent effort. With the constant changes and strains of life, at times we can become off centered. Seeking and committing to couples counseling is a courageous step towards honoring your relationship4


  • 60 minute session – $130

Choosing to commit towards longevity is brave. Being so, pre-marital or pre-engagement counseling is a strong step towards building a healthy and confident relationship with yourself and your partner.


  • 60 minute session – $130

Looking to join the mental health field, but unsure where to start? Interested in being a teletherapy provider? Unsure how to start  your own teletherapy practice? Needing to talk to a trauma professional regarding a client? Unsure how to successfully complete an intake process? I have specialized knowledge and expertise to assist you.

Family Therapy

  • 60 minute session – $160
Maintaining a strong family unit can be daunting with life stressors, work-life imbalances, new additions, and more. Spending time in session and outside of session to gather the root cause is vital for redeveloping a healthy and flexible family unit.


  • 60 minute session – $120

Let’s work together to complete your short-term goals! Coaching is necessary for those looking to hone in on a particular subset to curate supreme advancement. 


  • 60 minute session – $100

If you are early in your journey and needing clarity regarding therapy, coaching, or consulting. Or if you are interested in learning how to be business savvy, like myself, my mentorship program is for you!